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My 10 reasons to do Pilates...

You might associate Pilates machines with medieval torture machines but after a guided lesson you will be surprised of the amazing results you get…

If you don’t have a Pilates studio close to your place, try a class in the gym, it has similar effects. What you need is just a mat and motivation to get the nicest abs on the beach…

I do a mixture of Pilates, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, which I think is a very good combination to get it all: relaxation AND nicely shaped curves.

Here are my 10 reasons to do Pilates:

  1. It flattens, tones, strengthens abdominal muscles (I call it “ab-envy”…)
  2. You get longer and leaner muscles (not bulky!)
  3. Your posture improves, the movements are more graceful (Think of a ballet dancer)
  4. You’ll develop muscular control that helps you to reduce the risk of injury
  5. It increases circulation (good bye cellulite…)
  6. It stretches away tensions
  7. It improves the youth and flexibility of your spine
  8. You’ll heighten your concentration
  9. You’ll breathe deeper
  10. It boosts your self-esteem and energy (Pilates is work! There is a big accomplishment after a workout…)

Happy work-out & be wellicious ;-)

x Franziska

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