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Monthly Archives: June 2008

  • Heike & Yoga Therapy

    Sometimes you might have a little personal problem or health issue that you need to work on. Friends and doctors can be supportive but sometimes it is better to ask a third person for help. Anoushka is a great person and definitely the right one to talk to. She is a yoga therapist and has a lot of experience in meditation and Reiki. She h ...

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  • Action Plan – Stress Control by Carpe Diem (6)

    6. Make room for powernaps. The body wants relaxed moments between the busy ones. You can sense this when you loose your concentration, or that your eyelids feel heavily. However you can ignore these signals easily, but it is healthy to lift on this relaxed condition for five minutes. After five minutes you will feel refreshed and you are abl ...

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  • Wellicious Interview with Maria Estrada

    Q. Wellicious is aimed at stylish women who enjoy living healthy, how did you think of the concept? Heike: The ethos behind the brand is about living life to the fullest without compromising your heath or ethical beliefs. I truly believe the most important thing is that every woman should listen to and understand her body. I created Wellicious ...

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  • Heike & Yoga

    I have started doing yoga about 6 years ago at the Jivamukti Centre in Munich. Soon I became an yoga addict because I just loved the effect on my body and mind. I feel more balanced and relaxed in my personal life - believe me this has not always been like this. My body looks better too: I do not have any cellulite anymore, my hips look smalle ...

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    Yoga, Posture
  • Action Plan – Stress Control by Carpe Diem (5)

    5. Reframe your situation. Our reactions originate in the way we interpret our environment. There is nothing that creates stress; it is the way we see it. When you see a person, situation or event as threatening, the body will see it as stress. When you get stressed out by something, you see these things mentally, by the eye of the mind. You ca ...

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  • Action Plan – Stress Control by Carpe Diem (4)

    4. Exercise everyday. Stress has got a big physical component. It is very important to release the energy and physical preparation for action. Twenty minutes in the gym or hiking for fifteen minutes in the fresh air helps you to relax your body. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in balance. http://wellbeingzone.carped ...

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  • Action Plan – Stress Control by Carpe Diem (3)

    3. Try to make a positive change in your environment everyday. Research has indicated that the way people give expression to their environment makes them more relaxed. Try to do something everyday, put for example flowers in your kitchen, or bring a nice card to your office to create a nicer environment. ...

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