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Monthly Archives: May 2008

  • New stockist: The Riverside Health & Racquets Club Chiswick

    Wellicious is now available at the The Riverside Health & Racquets Club Chiswick: Duke's Meadows Chiswick London W4 2SX Tel: 0208 987 1800

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  • Action Plan – Stress Control by Carpe Diem (2)

    2. Be Polite to yourself. One of the causes of stress in intern dialogue, the way we talk to ourselves when we consider things. Remember you self which voice you use when consider things, when your voice is rough, make her soft, when your voice was rude, make her friendly, if she was high, make it low, or quick than make it slow. Change as oft ...

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  • The Wellicious Oath

    Read what our intern Jodie wrote about Wellicious: I swear to: Glow with the satisfaction of true wellbeing To motivate my fellow Wellicious ladies To give my body the care and nourishment it desires, inside and out To explore all avenues for a happy, health lifestyle To laugh and be joyful every waking morning To relief myself of daily stres ...

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  • Action Plan – Stress Control by Carpe Diem (1)

    Six steps plan to control stress Stress is being causes by a primeval survival mechanism for physical danger. When there is danger, the body will be ready for fighting or running, adrenaline will be supplied to the blood, the digestion will stop temporarily and the blood will concentrate in the big muscles. Stress was necessary to survive.Nowa ...

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