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Zrinka Katarina Fidermuc Maler

Frankfurt, Germany

Zrinka enjoyed the classical ballet education in her early age and trained rhythmic gymnastics at the competitive level for several years. After a hip injury she stopped rhythmic gymnastics only to start training synchronized swimming which she successfully pursued for another 10 years. Due to the professional reasons she moved to Germany where she was introduced to Pilates and yoga. She procrastinated systematically the work on her doctoral thesis due to the passion for these two disciplines and has been teaching then ever since 2003. The passion led her to some of the greatest teachers of yoga and Pilates in the USA where she decided to learn from them. In 2009 she established Body Poetry, Mind & Body Coaching, and developed a new and innovative health and personal coaching, which includes stress management techniques, nutrition, spiritual/personal development and of course yoga and Pilates and movement as a healing methods.
Coach Dr. Zrinka holds a PhD in Social Science and is still involved in German governmental programs in the area of innovation in services and health in companies.
Zrinka’s personal challenge: a two year old daughter who started imitating her mum doing “hundred”.
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