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Tegan Bukowski

London, United Kingdom

Vinyasa Yoga

Tegan hails from the USA but lives in London. She is a wanderer at heart and spends all of her free time traveling the world.  Her background in dance, gymnastics, and military training means that her Vinyasa classes focus on strength, alignment and beautiful flow.  Tegan came to Yoga during her architectural Masters degree.  She found her high intensity studies coupled with her natural high energy to be draining, stressful and downright anxiety filled.  She needed some balance.  Through several transformative years, many incredible manifestations, tons of positive affirmations and an enthusiastic gratitude practice, Tegan has transformed her lifestyle into a balanced, love-filled manifestation of gratitude.  She trained to be a Vinyasa Yoga instructor through Stretch London and Suryalila in Andalucia, Spain. Tegan is the London Lead of SERENE Social, a women’s wellness group focused on empowering women, creating community and giving back while having a healthy and luxuriously fun time.  Tegan has taught yoga in the USA, Switzerland, UK, and Spain

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