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Sonia Doubell

London, UK - Sonia Doubell -
Founder of Moving Energy Yoga & Creator of “TOTAL BODY YOGA AM/PM"

Yoga has been such a faithful friend to me. It’s like my magic carpet, with a few simple poses, I get mental clarity, physical ease and emotional balance. The alchemy of yoga is in the bringing together of mind and body and connecting to the breath. Yoga is a tool, a powerful one that helps us to unravel the “stuff” we no longer wish to carry with us. We feel lighter and free to live our passions and purpose. Sharing it is my purpose, and my goal as a yoga teacher and life coach is to help you to be the best “You” you can be. To dig deeper and discover what truly “lights your fire”…..beyond the mat. 

We were “Born to Journey” and to give our special gifts to the world. Yoga helps us to start living a life filled with self-study and curiosity into “how we tick”. When we discover the transparency of old negative beliefs and find ourselves beneath the layers of social conditioning, we truly come alive and recognize the magic in ourselves and life. 

I created an online video series “Total Body Yoga am/pm” so that you could practice yoga anytime, anywhere and have various time and energy options too. 

I teach “Moving Energy” yoga and “Easy Birth” (You can find more details on the webpage). I run workshops, retreats, talks and offer life-coaching sessions. A couple years ago I started a YouTube channel called “The Secret Bliss” where I share (time permitting) yoga tutorials, interviews with authors, inspiring people, health and wellbeing products, tips etc. Please let them serve to deepen your practice and/or simply inspire your home practice. If you have any special requests, please subscribe to the channel and let me know by way of a message or comment, I will do my best to help. 

How we can work together? If you live in London, see yoga lessons for more information. If you live out of London, I give Skype council sessions. Please check “Events” for upcoming shows and retreats. 

I wish you so much love on your journey; make it as special as you are! 



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