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Solveig Walking

Tamarama, Australia

Pilates, Yoga, founder BodyMindSol

Loved by clients for her resonant voice, understanding of the human body and heartfelt and dedicated teaching approach, Sol gives each session her full attention.
Expect energising and flowing sessions that will drive you to discover new, fresh aspects of yourself and your practice when you're in Sol's healing hands.
Born to an active life incorporating sports as diverse as choreographed dance, basketball and cycling, Sol was first introduced to yoga at age ten and - through using yoga and studies of mind, body and being to work through her own rehabilitation - recovered from a knee operation 4 years later to eventually run a marathon, finish a half ironman and 10km ocean in her thirties.

This drive and zest for knowledge and transformation are mirrored in a lifelong fascination with the human body and spirit. Sol's private yoga, Pilates and energy healing based therapy sessions are an expression of the depth of her passion - after years of working with clients with special needs such as training for the Paralympics, recovering from trauma and surviving cancer.
Instead of "teaching yoga or Pilates", Sol believes that these forms of movement offer gateways to presencing particular person and allowing them to shift deeply and profoundly from within. This has been Sol's own experience both lived and experienced with clients as well as researched and studied. She believes students need to bring a willingness to shift and find what resonates with them in any particular moment to step fully onto their path. Courage with compassion, the way of the spiritual warrior resonate deeply with Sol.
Originally certified in  Stott Pilates reformer and mat in 2010, swiftly followed by a number of trainings, certifications and a lot of regular classes and private clients, Sol's greatest influences are her initial energy work and Hatha yoga experience from her teens, her advanced teacher trainers, the internationally highly regarded Ana Forrest and Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, as well as in depth energy healing work with Ghata Iris Engels throughout 2013 and 2014 and lastly, her own body's many injuries and conditions during ten years working in other industries before returning back to her yogic path.
With a degree in journalism and her "former life" encompassing team leading, writing, modelling and presenting, Sol has created her own wellbeing company to shine her light wherever it helps the most. You'll find an extensive body of Sol's work online. If you're new to yoga, check out her column on "why yoga" here on the SBS website;  

'Style, colour, fabrics, organic, classic, versatile = Fabulous!' Sol on Wellicious. 

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