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Sarah Perry

London, United Kingdom
Yin&Yan and Viniyoga

Sarah is based in London and teaches Yin&Yang and Viniyoga. As well as a Yoga teacher, Sarah is a movement coach and founder of Shapes In Motion. Through her teachings Sarah encourages individuals to become more self and body aware through movement, encouraging a healthy balance of both Yin and Yang in one’s practice and life. Yin Yoga uses the body in a series of floor postures which are held statically for long periods of time. These deep stretches work fascia, increase flexibility, ease tensions, prevent immobilisation of the joints, encourage deep relaxation... Dynamic Yang sequences may be incorporated in some Yin classes, focussing more on muscle strength and flow of movement. Viniyoga focuses on a combination of both static and dynamic work and places its primary importance on the breath, linking movement to the breath. Main benefits include increased strength, balance, focus, mobility and general wellbeing of body and mind. Sarah can be booked for private, group and corporate classes, workshops and courses.
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