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Regina Harrar

Berlin, Germany

Yin & Hatha Yoga

My great interest in movement and body awareness brought me as a young adult to the Academy of Dance in Mannheim. Appearances on the tv show " Wetten das ... " followed with the Scorpions , and other celebrities. I discovered my love for yoga when I moved to Malaga and was working as a graphic designer – and in 2003 I attended my first yoga class. The asanas, energy and philosophical approaches helped me through the stressful time .
The Meridian Academy made me a fitness Instructor (A license ) and Saf Beta & Education Academy provided me with the professional certificate: "professional trainer for intensive yoga".
In 2010 I graduated from the Sivananda Vendanta Education in India / Vrindavan. In June of 2011 I successfully completed the training in Ayurveda - Ayurveda Retreat Hospital in Coonor / India. November 2011 followed by the Thai Massage Education at Chiang Mai ITM school. October 2012 - March 2013 I lived in Australia and taught yoga at Barefoot Yoga .
In New Zealand / Wellington I taught a yoga workshop. In Australia I learned Yin Yoga. Since then I cannot imagine my regular yoga practice without the Yin element. Yin Yoga is truly the perfect antidote to all muscle - active yoga styles and methods .
On this basis I have developed my own yoga style, which combines Ayurvedic and Thai massages and allows our energy (Chi , Prana) to flow again . I want many people to show what yoga is for me, namely:
Discovering the true inner beauty, increasing body awareness and a higher level of self- satisfaction.

'I like [Wellicious] cause everything is more natural than lululemon'

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