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Naomi Absalom

London, United Kingdom
Yoga Teacher

Muma to Gabriel and creator of 'Turn the World Upside Down' yoga workshops, Naomi teaches in London and Brighton and leads retreats all over the world at venues carefully picked for their natural beauty.
Often students describe her classes as a complete retreat for the body and mind and careful attention is given to creating a safe and nurturing group energy and environment.
"I teach only what I practice and what I know to be true. I spend a great deal of time trying to find ways of communicating what I have experienced to those who attend my classes. If I have been through a challenging yet transformational process, I want to help others understand what helped me through it. I find that at this point in our evolution, it's just not enough to practice yoga on the mat, I want to help people live through the teachings of yoga, so that they may become yoga. The practice then becomes this incredibly potent and magical place from where you can draw great clarity and strength in times of stress".
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