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Kay Tsuda

Paris, France
Pilates Teacher

In spring 1999, I was introduced to Pilates by a friend from my dance college days in Oslo, Norway who was living in NY, while I was living in Paris working as a freelance dancer.
I discovered the only Pilates studio that existed in Paris at the time, and got instantly hooked by the Pilates virus, discovering with time the multitude of benefits the method had to improve my dance skills. I signed up for the first Pilates teaching certification course to be organized in France and after several study trips to NY. I obtained my diploma in 2002 and opened my own Pilates studio, Keana, in Madeleine/Concorde, in the heart of Paris in 2004. I feel that teaching Pilates is a continual discovery process of the body and its possibilities and sensations where I everyday learn from the experiences; in my practice, with my students and by other teachers. I have also been practicing Yoga for many years; Ashtanga, Vinyasa, pranayama and have attended meditation retreats, I strongly feel the complimentary benefits of all these practices.
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