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Julia Svigir (Wolff)

Munich, Germany
Hatha Yoga

I am a trained and certified yoga teacher (WOYO® Hatha yoga teacher training, pre- and postnatal Vision Yoga) qualified social educator and a mother.
I teach Hatha yoga, which combines traditional yoga techniques with modern exercise principles. I use tools such as belts, balls, blocks and shoulder plates to prepare simple exercises for classical yoga postures.
The origin of yoga and the belief in the power of nature characterize my teaching. Particularly during my pregnancy, I got a lot of strength and confidence through yoga. My fear of a childbirth was enormous, but then my daughter came into this world through natural birth and was healthy. It was truly an amazing experience.
I come from a very sports-loving family and had my first encounter with yoga already when I was eight years old. I got a children’s yoga book and tried to the postures of crocodile, dog and lion... During my studies in 2002 I began to practice yoga regularly. I lived for some time in New York and London, where I met and visited some workshops with internationally known yoga teachers from different yoga styles such as “Bikram Yoga”, “Yoga Works”, “TriYoga”, “Jivamukti” and now “Laughing Yoga”. In 2011 I fulfilled my dream and completed a yoga teacher training at the WOYO® Club in Munich. Yoga has become an integral part of my life.
It is important for me to be respectful towards my body, mind and soul and also to pay attention to my diet and try or to learn something new each and every new day.

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