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Julia Pritzel

Berlin, Germany
Yoga Teacher

Julia loves life, nature and of course, Yoga!. In her second home Asia, she learned to value Meditation and looked for a way to keep her inner tranquility that she was able to maintain so easily within a forest monastery and take it back with her to her urban Berlin lifestyle. The dynamics of the Vinyasa Flow Yoga bought together powerfully the body energy in harmony, through deep breathing, mediation and movement drawing her out of metropolitan stress which then resulted in sending her off on an unending and fascinating journey. A journey that firstly made her mind, body and soul healthy and happy. Secondly the power of meditation positively transformed her whole life. Happiness inspires and goodness proliferates. Her classes are an exchange of inspiration with a play of strength, flexibility, energy and relaxation including humor. With a grounded attitude to lead others to find true happiness here and now, whether in their body image or in life. Fascinated by the magic of the human body, mind and soul, she is currently being trained in naturopathic healing, body work and breathing therapy. She teaches yoga privately, in the workplace business and amongst friends. On requests Julia gives retreats and workshops in German and English. -

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