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Jessica Medros

Los Angeles, California
Vinyasa Yoga, Capoeira, Classical Pilates

Jessica’s dedication and passion for movement began as a young child and has continued to flourish throughout her entire life. After earning a B.S. in Kinesiology, Exercise and Movement Science, at San Francisco State University, Jessica has completed the pre-medical academic curricula and coursework in neuromuscular science.
Starting with classical ballet, Jessica continues to practice and perform all forms of dance. After having received certifications in Gyrotonic and yoga, she teaches these disciplines in her private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Along with her private practice, Jessica volunteered in two Intensive Care Units at the University of California San Francisco Medical Hospital under the tutelage of Heidi Engle, DPT, a pioneer in the early mobilization program.
To prevent and treat disorders in diverse populations, Jessica is creating specific equipment that combines the gymnastic aspects of Gyrotonic/Yoga/ Pilates/Capoeira with traditional physical therapy techniques. Jessica’s dream is to be earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in the United States to endow her with the expertise and experience to transform her passion into her life’s work.
Jessica is continuing her studies in the field of physical therapy at Samuel Merritt University, DPT class of 2016. She is indebted to the physical therapy profession for changing her life on three different occasions: first, as a blossoming dancer, then to her trials with lower extremity paresis and lastly, to her volunteer experiences. Jessica's ambition is to evince physical therapy is preventive medicine and benefits all members of society.

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