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Jeanette Fuchs

Salzburg, Austria
Vinyasa Flow, Power & Yin Yoga

For Jeanette Yoga is more than a means to express her creativity and aesthetics, but her Yoga practice also became an essential tool to combine physical wellbeing with mental peace. She pays attention to powerful and dynamic flow sequences that are fun and awake the joy of life. Jeanette has discovered the regenerative effect of Yin Yoga and cleansing Detox Yoga sessions not only in her own practice but also through her students. In addition to Yoga, traveling is another one of her passions. Her travels to Yoga workshops get her to meet international personalities on a regular basis. Jeanette prefers practicing Yoga at inspiring places around the world - whether in California, Mexico or India, whether in Bali or in the Algarve. She has a yearly Yoga travel event called "Yoga with friends" which goes on to with Jeanette, Yoga teacher Antje and event planner Maryam every year since 2012. The Yoga Experience – 2012 in Mallorca and 2013 in Tuscany – gives the opportunity for enthusiasts to relax quickly and become friends in a Mediterranean atmosphere. More Yoga travel events will take place in cooperation with Yoga Place Salzburg in 2014.

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