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Elisa Devlin

London, United Kingdom

Dynamic Yoga

Incorporating a sound knowledge of anatomy and drawing upon her BA Degree in Maharishi Vedic Science Elisa provides a challenging and safe class environment for all levels. Expect to be challenged through a rigorous and challenging class. Yoga is for everyone; all you need is perseverance and patience with yourself. A strong Yoga fusioin practice with an emphasis on original sequencing for a continuously evolving practice.

Train the heart, mind and the body to be strong and flexible. Asanas are the external play, the inner work is the most rewarding. Practice with awareness, patience and compassion, nothing in this physical world exists on its own, everything is inter related. Explore the relationship you have with yourself and it will open doors to how you view the world. Practicing Yoga is a gateway from inner to outer experience for a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

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