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Christine Rebhan

Munich, Germany
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Christine Rebhan has been working more then 10 years as an executive assistant in several companies, when she suddenly got stuck in kind of a midlife crises. A lot of questions came up to me at that time: Who am I? and what is my purpose in this world? During that time I accidentally stepped into a Yoga class in a Gym in Munich.
And that was the beginning...
Now, she works as a life coach based in Munich Germany. In my work as a mental coach I combine the classical yoga techniques from the big four paths with today’s modern techniques like NLP, EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and Gestalt Therapy for example. It's meant to help you form strategies to overcome emotional blockades and to become aware of learned behavioral patterns. There is so much more to discover, nearly everything we are searching for has been sought in the past. So, we are not alone in our search for self-knowledge.
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