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Cathrine Mathiesen

Oslo, Norway
Hatha Yoga & pre/post natal

Since I stumbled upon B.K.S. Iyengar’s little red book The Tree of Yoga in the Buddhist Centre in East London as a student in ’98, yoga has been a much loved and ever present part of my life. I teach Iyengar-based, dynamic Hatha yoga - yoga that calms the mind, tones the body and feeds the soul. During the last six years I have had three children…, and consequently pregnancy yoga, yoga during labour and mummy/baby yoga has been the focus of both my teaching and my own practice. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of yoga through pregnancy, birth and in reclaiming a strong and healthy post-baby body in a safe and gentle way. This journey is documented on my blog
After many years of teaching in London I am back in my native Oslo, where I continue to teach dynamic Hatha and pre/post natal.
Yoga is not about becoming someone else, someone better. It is about rediscovering and accepting who you really are, beneath the layers of social expectations, destructive habits and general stress and agitation of modern life. For me, teaching yoga is about gently guiding people back to themselves, to find the stillness and strength within.

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