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Aquila Camenzind

Zurich, Switzerland
Yoga Teacher & owner of The Yoga Store

In my early childhood I have preferred to sit on the sofa in the Cobra or Lotus position to watch the weekly family tv programs. That feeling to sit with an upright spine felt right to me. This is how I first came in touch with yoga quite instinctively at a young age.
Further it gave me a lot of joy to do classical ballet during my school time every day. Intensive training was a very important part in my youth. Unfortunately, my back didn't withstand the physical strain and soon I felt a lot of pain every day and had to give up ballet. My dream of being a ballet dancer unfortunately died. Numerous forms of therapy, doctor visits etc. followed, but my body responded to nothing.
Shortly before planned surgery (diagnosis herniation), I read in an Indian book how beneficial yoga practices are for the back and from that moment I decided to practice Yoga Asanas instead of Ballet poses and I exchanged my ballet slippers with the yoga mat.
After a short time the pain decreased significantly and since then I started practicing yoga every day. After a yoga class I feel peaceful and relaxed. I feel a gentle pulsing energy that protects and soothes me. Since I practice yoga, my body has become stronger and smoother. I have no back pain anymore, and I am more flexible and I feel very healthy and happy. Additionally, my relationship with myself and as well as with others have changed. Yoga has taught me to be calmer, more patient and to be more open.
Nowadays I am very pleased to pass my knowledge to my students as a yoga teacher. 15 years ago I started my training as a yoga teacher and guide from that moment courses, workshops and retreats in the most beautiful spa hotels. Or I organize Yoga holidays in India or other beautiful yoga centres around the world.
A day without yoga or meditation is hard to imagine for me, so I have integrated yoga into my daily life. With my yoga school and yoga trips I have created my life, which is open daily new space. To become conscious in aware of the body and of the mind of the heart. A feeling and a harmony that I do not want to miss anymore.
Yoga is my path in life! OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI
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