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Anna Schrefl

Vienna, Austria
Pilates Teacher

Based in Vienna Pilates System Europe was founded by Anna Schrefl, whose background stems from contemporary dance at the Amsterdam School of Art and Modern Dance Academy Rotterdam. Anna completed her Pilates education in 2001 in New York with Romana Kryzanowska, a student of Joseph Pilates. She then gained further experience in the classic Pilates technique in France and the Netherlands. Her extensive experience and long term associations with physical therapists and osteopaths combined with additional training in Spiral Dynamics© in Switzerland enabled Anna to develop her own Pilates method, called "Pilates System Europe,” and to establish a training institute in Vienna.
"We are building on rich experience and knowledge,” says Anna. "Joseph Pilates was a visionary and extremely creative thinker, who in the 20th century discovered and transformed a lot. The combination of his knowledge with the physiological findings of the 21st century is the vision that guides the services and training we provide at our studio." Anna is an active choreographer. For more than a decade, she has provided training for groups and individuals as well as workshops for dancers.
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