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Our Fabrics

Wellicious only manufactures its products in Europe. We use ethically sourced, organic, biodegradable materials and environmentally friendly production processes that are also skin friendly. Our materials are not exposed to herbicides or pesticides and the chemicals used in the dyeing processes are tightly controlled.

Wellicious currently is one of the only brands to provide customers with an organic seamless range and with an eco-polyamide range, perfect for activewear and sports. With 90% of our collection made with eco-friendly, natural fabrics, we are a pioneer in the fashion industry.

This is an overview of the materials and material compositions we use

Wellicious Classic Organic Cotton - Made in Portugal, our Classic Organic Cotton is produced using techniques that are healthy and safe for the environment and for the people who work and live near the fields where it is grown. The cotton bolls are treated and turned into thread and fabric using high standards. It feels soft and luxurious on your skin; it is highly absorbent, more structured and durable than our Lyocell range. For ease of movement, it can be blended with Elastane (between 8 and 12%).

Wellicious Classic Lyocell & Organic Cotton Mix  - Made in Portugal, Lyocell is the most eco-friendly of the naturally regenerated cellulose fibres. It is produced from sustainable forestry and recycled paper using a closed loop production cycle which means that 99% of the used chemicals can be recollected and used in the next batch minimising chemical waste. Our Classic Eco Lyocell feels very light and gives freedom to move.

Wellicious Eco-Polyamide - Made in Italy. Instead of waiting 30-40 years for polyamide to degrade on a landfill, it’s much more eco-friendly to recycle it! We use Recycled Polyamide that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified coming from post-consumer materials and discarded products, otherwise destined for the landfill.

The polyester used is 100% made of recycled fibres transformed into a new polymer and then into a brand new yarn. Our eco-Polyamide is blended with Elastane for ease of movement. It is a highly technical, supportive and opaque fabric. Structured and durable, it is perfect for active wear and high performance needs.

Wellicious Seamless Organic Cotton - Made in Portugal, our seamless Organic Cotton is a mix of Organic Cotton, Polyamide and Elastane. Made on a circular knit machine with no side seams or salvage, our seamless range is extremely comfortable to wear, flattering, supportive and ideal for active sports.

Wellicious Organic Linen - Made in Italy from flax, Linen is completely biodegradable and recyclable. It needs low amounts of energy to produce and has a zero yield wastage. Our organic Linen has been made without toxic chemicals and is skin friendly. It also has the advantage to remain fresh and crisp even in hot weather. Our Linen Knitwear is knitted to the highest quality in Italy.

Wellicious Summer Linen - Made in Portugal. Made from flax, Linen is completely biodegradable and recyclable. It needs low amounts of energy to produce and has a zero yield wastage. The fabric has a cool smooth touch becoming softer with every wash. It also has the advantage to remain fresh and crisp even in hot weather. Our summer linen jersey range is made in Portugal.

Wellicious Lyocell & Linen - Made in Portugal. Blended with Lyocell, our linen range becomes less prone to creasing and provides an ideal fabric for the summer or for hot yoga. Our men’s jersey is woven in Portugal. Lyocell and linen provide a great alternative to cotton.

Wellicious Merino Wool & Tencel - Made in Portugal. Wool woven into a very luxurious, light and sheer fabric. Tencel is the brand name of Lyocell developed by the Austrian company Lenzig which specialises in sustainable fibres making the perfect lining. This blend is all natural and biodegradable, making it a sustainable fashion choice. It feels smooth to the touch yet keeps you warm after practice or during meditation. 

Wellicious 90% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere (Mulesing free) - Made in Italy. Cashmere goats originate from Inner Mongolia. It is famed for its softness, lightweight structure and its insulating properties. Our cashmere and wool blend is very luxurious, soft and timeless for a sophisticated look. This blend is all natural and biodegradable making it a sustainable fashion choice.

Mulesing Free - Mulesing is the process of removing pieces of skin and flesh from a sheep's breech. This area of the sheep is very sensitive to flystrike, a severe and fatal condition where blowfly lays eggs on the hot and wet wool causing the skin to be infected with infestations of maggots. The most common way to prevent this is teh removal of skin from this area which prevents wool from growing back, reducing the risk of flystrike. However, the barbaric and highly controversial procedure is very painful to the sheep and is often undertaken without any painkillers for the animal and by leaving their wounds raw for weeks afterwards. 
Since we introduced wool into our AW14 collection we have become aware of the conroversial practices in teh wool industry. This is why Wellicious are proud to say we do not work with any suppliers who conduct this practice, and ensure that all of our wool is muesing free.  

Elastane - Made out of petrochemical origins, Elastane is not currently possible to replace by organic or plant-based components. It is used to give natural fibres more stretch while retaining its original hand-feel properties. It is particularly well suited for active wear.

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