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  • Living The Moment

    Living in the moment is so wonderful, because it makes every experience more beautiful and peaceful. You just enjoy the here and now without trying to change or judge the situation. Being present means that you are able to accept what is happening in your life. It really is magical! Please follow this link to learn which yoga poses will help yo ...

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  • Super Sleep Yoga Workshop

    Wellicious Ambassador Lisa Sanfilippo is the leading yoga expert for insomnia, sleeplessness, or interrupted sleep affects in Europe. Join her at the The Life Centre Islington for a Super Sleep Yoga workshop beginning on the 16th of November! Happy Sleeping!

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  • Kite Yoga with Lucy

    This morning we did an online yoga class with Lucy Kite Yoga and we absolutely loved it! We picked her Relax Flow session to calm and focus our mind. It definitely worked for us. We also love this photo of her in Wellicious.

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  • Are you conscious about having a disposable attitude to clothing?

    Are you feeling a little conscious about having such a disposable attitude to clothing like "The Larns"? She had noticed that there are a lot of us who put a great amount of thought into what we put in our bodies, but maybe less about what we put on our bodies in cosmetics and clothing. We couldn't agree more with her! The Wellicious team had s ...

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  • Mind Detox in the Malidives

    Are you ready for a mesmerising mind detox on the beautiful island of Rashdoo in the Maldives? Then you should join this stunning retreat with Dr Kumar in December, who will take you on a fifteen days journey of guided meditation. This course will be surely a personal transformative experience! For more information: ...

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  • Make a difference !!

    We love people who make a difference! Mumbai’s Jaideep Sajdeh started making shopping bags from used cloth. The bags are green because they are made of old sheets, napkins and table cloths. The used cloths are cut into standard sizes, checked for stains, stamped with designs and then sewn into bags. The products include shopping bags, shoe bags ...

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  • Wellicious Catsuit

    Living Beautiful and Healthy has just send us this wonderful yoga sequence in our Wellicious Catsuit. Please check out her blog as she has plenty of tips on health and beauty. We especially love her "soft skin sugar scrub"!

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  • Wellicious Collection Is Now Online!!

    Our new Wellicious collection is online! There is no better way to celebrate it like with sun salutations with @lovebykimb. They center our heart, focus our mind, give us inner power and give us lots of energy to start the day! Namaste!

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  • Woman's Retreat

    Do you sometimes not know how to balance your strong and powerful masculine side with your soft and receptive feminine side? @gabrielabozic will host with Puja Verena Lepp a woman's retreat from the 13th-16th of October in Bavaria. This intensive course will guide you towards defining and reclaiming your unique feminine gifts and capacities, as ...

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  • Last Days Of Sunshine

    It is time to enjoy the last days of sunshine in our Wellicious Joy Leggings and Crossing Tank in tie dye black. We love this photo by @lovebykimb in Bonaire. It completely reflects our state of mind as it is calm and serene. After a summer full of laughter and fun it is sometimes also nice to take a little break and reflect on the past months. ...

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